Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Samsung CEO says Galaxy Note 8 will be announced in late August, first wave arriving in September

We know for less than a week that Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of IFA 2017 trade fair, which is set to kick off on September 1. Previous rumors coming from different sources claim the flagship smartphone will be announced on August 23, but the phone won't be available on the market until September at...

Samsung Galaxy phones region locking, EXPLAINED!

A lot of "SIM not recognized" complain from Samsung phone users in Nigeria lately. I don't know why guys still go for UK used phones without warranty when you can get even cheaper options here in Nigeria. So if you are planning to picking up an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones in Europe today, here's what that ominous 'European SIM...

What does Samsung do that Apple can never achieve? by Aslam Chaudhry

Here is my bit on this. 1. The biggest edge is the fact that Apple only caters to a particular class. There is not a lot of variety regarding the segment it covers. Samsung, on the other hand, is everyone’s brand, not just for the elite. 2. The company believes in producing large volumes of phones which...


charmdate.com Products For 2012

This is the best dating recommendation you will learn wherever. Partners of ladies experiencing menopause ought to remember that lowering hormone ranges may result...


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