Today I start to write down mobile phone brands and OEM names i could remember, as to know the wide varieties of mobile phone designs and how far it has helped GSM to evolve in a very short while. Countless of them which are mostly regionally or with high concentration in some market than the other, as opposed those that are global brands. That a brand is global or gone international those not mean their presence will be felt across the market.

The recent news that Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot (first country to do so) is a landmark achievement to computing and smart gadget usage. I still do wonder how Graham Bell must have felt when folks around him was making gest of him in those days that voice cannot be transmitted or pass through a wire, but as the popular saying “necessity is the mother of invention”, anything that man despirately need he will always find a way to make it happen. 
I could remember when GSM first came to Nigeria, when we will have to visit a phone boot in other to make our calls due to the fact that mobile phones are not cheap, and to maintain then is a burden that outways it’s usage at that time. Then I used to write my family and friends number in my address book (who dare go around with address book, when our mobile phone can store unlimited numbers of contact profile).

Back to the evolution of smartphones, our daily activities are now built around our smart devices and internet. I do have customers that will call me very late in the night to voice their frustration, simply because they had earlier brought their phone to me for repair and “we” don’t do waiy-and-get job. So if you don’t have a choice, you gat to wait till your phone is ready. 
With all this our lives revolving around our smartphones, we really need to take a chill pill so as not to cause ourselves a greater damage that the benefits we’re deriving from it.
Smartphones will always create a virtual emergency if we are too dependent on it. There will be a kind of situations that need immediate attention, whereas it’s just a mirage. There are times that I’ll deliberately leave my phone to ring off when a call comes.
Imagine a situation whereby there is no network reception on the phone, what will you do? Lets take for example when Lekki was heavily flooded middle this year, all activities definitely come to standstill; wetin man go do?
So as much as we’re using our smartphones to easy our businesses same measure should be applied to taking necessary caution and precautions as to making a healthy use of it.


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