When we hear budget devices, our mind usually race to phones and smart devies. Based on public opinion, premium devices are attributed to affluence and luxury. I will like to broaden my scope with my classification of premium and budget gadgets.
Lets start with mobile phones, classical example of premium phones are Samsung S-series, iPhones, HTC and the likes, examples of budget phones are the likes of Tecno, Infinix, iTel, Wiko, Fero. Moving away from mobile phones, Materials and gadgets that can also be classified as premium are Rolex watch, Beat by Dre earpiece, Auto brands like Rollce Royce (thanks to our Chinese reverse engineers that are able to produce replicas).
With my experience owing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and having have a feel of ALL Samsung phone, I am trilled to say, the money worth it.
I know most people will say the price is too high bla bla bla, permit to educate you a little on how this prices come by.

1. Research: In this age of science and technology, nobody wants to be left behind. Researches are carried out not only in Science fields but o
also in all area of developments including market surveys. I personally believes that this is what the then Nokia failed to do or not fully committed to. Nokia failed to realise that there is an emerging force that need to be countered or befiend (if you cant beat them, you join them). Back to our discussion, budget for R & D is always very huge is there will be a meaningful/ ground-breaking progress. 

2. Quality of materials used: The leather used for Rollce Royce upolstry comes to mind. In all notable premium products I could review, one particular thing about them is the quality of material used from scratch. Did you ever wonder why budget phones looks bleached after some months of usage? or why you have to carry powerbank and exra battery due to loose of strength by the ‘follow-come’ battery?

3. Processes of production: A typical example are cars that are hand assembled e.g Mercedes Benz G-wagon – my dream ride. The detailed and rigorous processes in the production of Bugatti cannot be compared to robot assembled cars that will eventually recall larger percentage of their production due to faulty accessories like airbag. Premium product manufacturers are very keen to details and products always pass through quality control checks before been shiped to designated market.

4. Brand name: This is most peculiar to Apple products. Apple as world largest brand has been accused over and over for the high prices placed on their products. Imagine a device that has a production price of $200 being sold for $450.

5. Employee Welfare: If you want to have a committed workforce, employee welfare must be paramount. You can imagine Samsung paying its staff an equivalent of what Tecno pays their staff. This reminds me of a technology firm in Lagos. This company pays very little compare to its revenue and capital base, no appraisal and employees are mandated to work extra hours without due compensation, the rest is now history.

So with all the points highlighted above, we can see through the pricing of these premium products which mobile phones are not exempted.
Purchases are to be made based on the means and necessity. My one cent.


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