Following the recent update of Telegram (the only instant messaging platform that beats WhatsApp hands down) has brought to light VoIp meaning you can now make calls to fellow Telegram contacts without the use of Carrier airtime. But i went same way some other Social media platforms in Iran as the Muslim majority country has completely block the feature across the country. According to the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (Mahmod Vaezi)said: “We are always try to choose best for our people and operators, but operators are free to block audio calls if it has a financial reason (not political)”. Since Telegram made a great job on voip calls, high quality and low internet usage, checking your Telegram settings the first thing you’ll see is “call” and with just a click you beeping you contact. this means more talk time with your data or internet service just like Viber and the rest (WhatApp) lolz. Enjoy your day pals. Source: @Eslahaat_press (

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