Exiting news from the Silicon Valley tech giant Microsoft, its Microsoft Windows 10 user mark passes 700 million on (active) devices. The OS version which was release to the general public on July 29th 2015 has witnessed a significant growth which can be attributed to computer technology revolution across the globe. However it is not clearly stated the percentage of devices between smart phone and other computer devices. Windows 10 has been the fastest-growing version of Windows, hitting 700 million in about three years on the market, but this nonetheless represents a big shortfall from Microsoft’s original ambitions for the operating system.

According to the data obtainable, there is a significant shortfall in the growth of Microsoft Window 10 users. Even at this slower rate of growth, there’s plenty of room yet for Windows 10 to eventually hit that one billion threshold. Microsoft has offer lots of incentive and source codes for developer to boost its fan base; applications that could run on desktops, tablets, phones, and Xboxes.


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