A lot of “SIM not recognized” complain from Samsung phone users in Nigeria lately. I don’t know why guys still go for UK used phones without warranty when you can get even cheaper options here in Nigeria. So if you are planning to picking up an unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones in Europe today, here’s what that ominous ‘European SIM card only’ sticker means. Samsung Mobile is noted for there regional phones while they are often locked to regions like “Europe Only”, this means only EU SIMs can be used on them. These conditions are clearly stated in the warranty booklet if you are buying then new. Picking up an unlocked Note 8 in Europe today? Here’s what that ominous ‘European SIM card only’ sticker means. If you’re picking up a shiny new, unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Europe today, you’ll notice a sticker sealing the box. We’ve been here before with countless other Samsung flagships, and once again, the Note 8, as sold unlocked in Europe, is region-locked out of the box. The sticker on the Euro Galaxy Note 8 box spells out exactly which countries’ SIM cards can be used to activate the phone — essentially any EU and EEA countries, and a handful of other territories: Switzerland, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Vatican City. To deactivate these SIM card lock and be able to use the phones outside the designated region, you need to accumulate at least five minutes worth of phone call on the phone with an European SIM; might not necessarily be a single call but you must have a five minutes conversation on the said phone with a SIM card from the countries listed above. After which no more restriction even after factory resetting.


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