I love this piece. The writer is a good Bible student
1. And it came to pass that a certain Governor from the East by the name Rochas the son of Okorocha who ruleth over the province of Imo, sent a messenger to the kingdom of the Southern country of Africa. 
2. And he said to the messenger, in this manner shall ye speak to the king, “long live the king! thou art highly favoured in the the eyes of my Governor, even among the people of the province of Imo, therefore come this day to meat in my kingdom that thou mayest be honoured”  
3. And the messenger did according to the words of the Governor. 
4. And it came to pass that the king of the Southern country of Africa by the name, Jacob the son of Zuma, entered into the province of Imo, even into the city of Oweri, the dwelling place of the Governor. 
5. And Rochas the son of Okorocha made a great feast and prepared a banquet before the son of Zuma that night. And he called all the noble men of the province to meat in his Palace, even in the court of the governor, they made merry. 
6. The Governor hath also hired men of craft that they made a giant graven image of Jacob, the son of Zuma. And the height of the image thereof was ten cubit and two span, and the weight thereof was equals two thousand measure of brass. And the garment thereof was that of the noble men of the West. 
7. And he placed the graven image at the Centre of the city of Owerri. And unto Zuma, the king of the Southern country of Africa, was a title given which was higher and above any other in the province of Imo. Also, the Governor nameth a street of the city after him. This was the manner with which king Zuma was honoured. 
8. All these things happened on the tenth month of the sixth year that Rochas the son of Okorocha reigned as Governor over the province of Imo. 
9. But it came to pass that when it was told the people that the Governor hath spent five hundred and thirty million shekels of gold and silver for the graven image of Jacob, the son of zuma that they were wroth with anger. 
10. And it grieved the labourers of the province and they took counsel among one another and saith, but how shall this thing be? Is Jacob the son of Zuma also among the righteous men? 
11. Howbeit that the son of Zuma was honoured in this manner in the province of Imo? Is not he the same king that dealeth dishonorably in the manner that he spent the gold and silver from the treasury of his country? Is not he that the magistrate put a charge against for taking bribes? 
12. Is not it under the reigns of this king that his people persecute our brethren who dwelleth in their country and even put many to death and rendered their businesses desolate? 
13. Howbeit the Governor treat us with great disdain? For we laboureth for over ninety days without wages and he said unto us “be thou of long suffering for there is no gold and silver in the treasury that I may pay thee thy wages”. And yet he spent millions of shekels to honour the son of Zuma. 
14. And the head of the labourers declared according to this words unto the people saying, “arise this day and gird thy loins for we shall march across the city of owerri, even unto the gate of the Governor. 
15. And they marched across the city and declared according to this word unto the Governor, “thou dealeth treacherously with us in the manner thou sayeth ‘there is no gold and silver in the treasury that I may pay thee thy wages’. Wherefore thou honoureth the son of Zuma with so much riches from the treasury? 
16. This thing shall ye do, oh Governor: remove the graven image of Jacob the son of Zuma from the city that there might be peace in the land”. 
17. And the Governor replied them in this manner. “Harken unto my voice oh ye inhabitants of the land. I shall not be careful in the manner with which I answereth thee on this matter. 
19. Go back to thy tents, for I, even the son of Okorocha hath repenteth not that I made a graven image of Jacob the son of Zuma. For many more of this statue shall ye see in the city of Owerri in the days ahead”. 
20. And the people lamented and said “woe unto us! behold, the evil spirit hath entered into the Governor. And yet many saith, verily verily, the Governor is afflicted with insanity. 
21. But the Governor doeth not according to the words of the labourers, for unto this day, the statue of Jacob the son of Zuma remaineth in city of Owerri
Written by Adakole Emmanuel J.
Culled from Egbuhuzo Elijah-Praise Chika’s wall. Blogged as copied.


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